Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Horse Canvas Painting Party...Abby's 7th Birthday

To kick off our showcase of birthdays and celebrations, I'm going to show off my oldest daughter's 7th birthday party! Abby turned seven and wanted to invite a group of friends to go horseback riding. I was a bit nervous about this as I have 4 kids ages 2-7, and that alone is enough to scare the horses! Did I mention it was late November too? So we brainstormed and decided on a horse painting party. Abby loves horses and art, so this was perfect!

I spent hours online looking for ideas, and I came across this local artist who hosts painting parties and HAD A HORSE CANVAS on her website that Abby LOVED!!

So the party planning began! We had about 10 of Abby's friends over (along with my 3 girls). Katie and her mother were oh so sweet and set up all of the canvases, paints, water cups, etc. for the girls before the party. My kitchen became an art studio in an instant!

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