Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trick or Treat Bags!

The newest must-have item this Halloween....our personalized Trick or Treat Bags! These 100% cotton canvas totes are very lightweight and generously sized for holding lots of candy! These can be personalized with any of our Halloween designs (candy corn, pumpkins, Frankenstein, polka dots, initials, bats...). Our bags come in orange, black, and natural. And because we just like to be a little over the top, we add some fun coordinating ribbon to the mix for some more pizzazz!

Right now we've got our bags listed in our Etsy shop, and we'll have them on our main site very soon!

And don't September, all sticker orders are 50% off with the purchase of coordinating invitations!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! Well, that's how the song goes anyway. It's rainy and in the 80s here this week....not like Christmas at all! But I'm beginning to piece together my Christmas collections. I've got 3 shows coming up (two in October and one in November), so I'm trying to get my Christmas designs ready. We have some very whimsical, funky items in the works as well as some more traditional ones too. A little of something for everyone.

This cute design above is one I did this afternoon. It's a polka dotted cross design made for our tshirts (available for everyone from newborns to moms). And of course, we love to coordinate everything (yes, my poor kids are subject to a mom who matches their clothes, shoes, hairbows, etc. all the time...but they're girls living in the what else should you expect?!?). So we'll have this sweet design in gift stickers, return address labels, Christmas invitations, and Christmas cards. I can't wait to get them all on my sites!

Until then, just wanted to share that all stickers are 50% off this order with an invitation purchase. So if you're throwing a party, now's the time to order!