Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh...we're getting close!

We are so least I am! We are finally in the last stages before we open our online doors at (Don't click quite'll just get a prompt to log in...and if you're not me or Matt, you can't log in!). I've been working steadily to upload products while Matt's finishing up the welcome page. We will most likely open the site before we get all the product loaded because it takes some serious time to load product! And we have tons of it. I have so many designs (and so many more that I haven't even gotten onto the computer). But our philosophy is to take it slow and steady. We've also been filling a few orders off Etsy. Yay! Thanks for everyone who has ordered. We hope you love your packages. I'm going to download my camera pictures and post a few pics of the cute orders I sent out Monday. And if you are looking for a great end of the year teacher gift...check out our teacher memo pads on Etsy. ( As for now, it's off to try to convince Ali Kate to nap. She and Isabella are giggling rather than sleeping as I type. Those two....they are a mess!

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