Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Mommy Cards!

Mommy cards are one of my all-time favorite stationery gifts! These cards are for moms to be able to quickly and stylishly exchange contact information. Great for when you meet new moms at soccer, dance lessons, preschool, and more. Instead of searching for an old receipt in your purse, just hand out your mommy card with all of your info. These are available in almost every design we offer (too cute if you have coordinating folded notes to go with it!). These make a great gift for any mom for any occasion (or just as a small thank-you happy!).

This chocolate and bubblegum crazy dot is so fun for that outgoing mom! In bright colors...you can customize this as you wish! Great for moms with small businesses too (add your website in your contact info).

Oh, I love this sophisticated mommy card for the trendy mom who wants to share her contact information for playdates, carpool, and more! Great for the busy mom who doesn't have free hands to jot down her contact info...stylish and practical! These make a great gift for a new mom or any busy mom you know. A sweet happy to give for any occasion!

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