Monday, July 20, 2009

Round Stickers...are for everything (almost)!

At Isabella's 4th birthday party (just a few weeks ago), we used our big round stickers for so many things! They added just the right touch to make her party super sweet! Her party was an outdoor backyard water party theme, complete with sprinkler games, wading pools, pool toys, the giant beach ball sprinkler, and lots of cool treats!

I scored this cute pail at Target for quite a great price! Added my polka dotted whale sticker and voila! a very cute way to keep the Gogurt cold for our little guests!

I also made the most yummy and cute (if I may say so myself) ice cream treats. Rather than just scooping a spoonful of ice cream onto their plates, I made these "worm treats" ahead of time. You take cookies n cream ice cream and push it into a clear plastic cup. Then top with broken Oreo pieces. Leave in the freezer until ready to serve. I added the gummy worms right before serving. These were a hit with both parents and kids! Especially the ones who love chocolate!

The kids also got to "go fishing" for one of their snacks. We used the same clear plastic cups . Some had fishing poles (otherwise known as pretzel sticks). Others were filled with bait (otherwise known as peanut butter). And of course we had goldfish. You take your pole and bait it to catch a fish to eat! My kids still beg to eat these, and of course I say yes!

And of course we sealed her handcut swimsuit invitations with the sandbucket round stickers with our return address on them!

I thought I'd share this because we used our round stickers to add some creative touches to her party. Did the kids notice? Not really....but I had so much fun putting it together...and they had fun eating it all!!

Oh, birthdays are why I do this. I love planning parties where everything is coordinated and themed! Just love it! On the horizon? Either a pumpkin picking or horseback riding party for Abby's 6th birthday!

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